Add Streaming Video to Google Drawings!

Recently, I have been using Google Drawings to create #HyperDrawings. But, I did not think it was possible to embed video into the Google Drawing! Tonight, I accidentally discovered that it is really easy to do!

Step 1: Insert a Video into Google Slides (Insert-Video)

Step 2: Click on Video- Copy (Ctrl C)

Step 3: Go to Google Drawings

Step 4: Paste (Ctrl V)

You now can click on the video in Google Drawings and it will STREAM!

Check out my tutorial to learn how:

8 thoughts on “Add Streaming Video to Google Drawings!

  1. Kathy says:

    This is great stuff – I did try it – and the folks I shared it with, say they still had to request access – once I shared the video I uploaded – then it worked….


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