Tips to Enhance Tour Builder: Creativity Choice Board

Coaching Question: We have finished our Tour Builder virtual field trips. Is there a way for students to enhance their tours?

What is Tour Builder?

Tour Builder is an amazing way to combine digital storytelling and geography. Using the Google Earth plugin, students take their audience on a virtual tour throughout the world. Students can view the locations using a birds-eye view, or the more desired street view, which allows students to get a realistic view of the location.

If you are unfamiliar with Google Tour Builder, you can view a tutorial with examples and step by step directions by clicking on the following presentation:


How may students enhance their tours?

When students finish their tours, they can add links, videos, audio recordings, games, presentations, timelines, movie trailers, quizzes, and images to their tours. Here is an example choice board that I created for a 4th Grade classroom.

Click on the image to make a copy and modify the choice board to suit your needs.


When students finish creating their project, they would just copy and paste a link into their tour.

Tour Builder   Tour of the Southeast Region  edit .pngHow may students share their tours?

Once students are finished with their tours, they may share the link to their tour. My favorite way to publish a tour is to use the Screencastify extension. The Screencastify extension is a free screen recorder. It allows students to create their very own narrated video tours.

Screencastify Extension by Christ Betcher


How do your students enhance their tours? Do you use Tour Builder in your classroom?

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