Google Drawing: Redefining Word Sorts

Objective: Students will

  1. Access spelling words using Google Classroom, bookmark or QR Code
  2. Enter, view and/or sort spelling words in a Google Drawing Template
  3. Record their thinking using a screencasting tool or extension
  4. Share their screencasts using Google Classroom

Over the past couple years, many teachers have asked me how I would integrate technology into a word study program. I have thought about the many tools I could use and always seem to come back to Google Drawing and a screencasting extension.

Why use Google Drawing?

  • Students can access and collaborate using Google Drawing at any location
  • Teachers can share sorts with colleagues and students
  • Students can record using a screencasting tool
  • Parents and guardians are exposed to live recordings of the sorts
  • You have evidence for formative assessments
  • All sorts automatically save in your Google Drive

Ways to Share Sorts

Here is an example template you could use to create your sorts or have students create their own sorts. Then, you could share your sorts using any of the following tools:

  • Google Classroom
  • Bookmarking a sort in your Internet Browser
  • Linking to the sort on your website
  • A QR Code for younger students

Google Drawings Word Sort Screencast Overview

Adding Screencastify Extension in Google Chrome

4 thoughts on “Google Drawing: Redefining Word Sorts

  1. Lauren says:

    Mrs. Boucher this is an awesome way to bring Words Their Way and technology together. I love that students will be able to explain their sort through screencasting. This really holds students accountable and take ownership of their sorting of the words


  2. Julia says:

    Thank you for this idea and template! This could be so very useful in we continue with virtual school in the fall. One thing I am wondering- is there a way to type the words in for the students and then “lock” them in place? I’m worried that students might accidentally add or delete a letter while manipulating the word cards, and as a result they might learn to spell the word incorrectly. Thanks again!


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